Getting Started with your soles

RESA recommends you ease into wearing your custom insoles. Your body will take time to adjust to the changes in alignment.

Slow and Steady

Optimizing your instep will take time, please allow a couple of weeks while your muscles adapt to your new insoles. It is not uncommon to experience some discomfort while your feet are adjust to the new contours. Start by wearing your insoles for a few hours a day, gradually increasing wear-time day over day for two weeks. Then, proceed to wear your insoles as much as possible thereafter.

Benefits beyond the feet

Your RESA insoles serve as the new foundation for your body as they support your feet and bone alignment. By consistently wearing your insoles, you will see the increased benefits of overall foot function and body alignment. Make it a habit to transfer your insoles every time you change shoes.

Every shoe is unique

RESA can accommodate all aspects of your lifestyle! We have three product profiles to fit your needs: Active, Comfort, and Sport. Each profile will provide you with optimal support and practicing proper use and care will help preserve your insoles for years.

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If you are experiencing issue with your orthotics, please contact us and complete the feedback form inside your order. We will use this feedback to correct & remake your order.

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