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RESA is reinventing the outdated orthotic
industry with patent pending, mobile
kiosks that scan, design & 3D print
custom insoles while you shop.

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First we
scan your feet

RESA is the world’s foremost foot-care & 3D printing platform. Everybody's anatomy is unique and thats why our process begins with capturing your 3D #footshapes.


Design Wearables

Then we
customize your soles

Create your shoe & activity profile and get a personal RESA Insole
recommendation. Choose a preferred density and customize the
top cover for a 100% custom tailored insole.

Shoe Profiles

Share what kind of shoes you wear
and dial in the best fit possible.

Pain Points

Include unique adjustments for
common foot conditions.

Sports & Activities

Share what kind of shoes you wear
and dial in the best fit possible.


3D Print and Go!

Made while you shop

Local manufacturing had just reached a new frontier. Experience
the latest in FDM 3D printing to design and print your wearables
while you shop. Take control of your feet.

100% Tailored to you

Step into a product backed by science and developed iteratively for the last 10 years. Choose from variable density options and modules tailored for your sports or medical conditions and experience true custom comfort.

Variable density

Variable density.

Soft, medium, hard or however you want it. We customize each insole to you and your lifestyle needs.

Premium Materials

Premium Materials.

We use the highest quality materials including Alcantara suede and tailor made filament for insole-printing.

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What people think

Steven Golfis

“I work on my feet 16 hours a day and contstantly had pain and soreness. One week with my RESA soles fixed everything. If you’re looking for real change, try RESA Wearables.“

Mike Burns

“I've tried several over the counter insoles over the years with little results. After getting scanned, I had my soles in my shoes in about an hour. Two weeks later, I feel amazing!“

Janice Picconi

“I'm always struggling to find shoes that feel as good as they look! At RESA, they 3D-printed a petite version that fits my ballet flats and slip-ons. “

Sammy Hefner

“ They were litterally making the soles on the spot! It was great. They scanned my feet, asked me some questions and then 3D-printed them there in front of me. “

All the comfort.
None of the risk.

It’s hard to get insoles right. We are dedicated to creating a system to make you the perfect insole. If we get your shapes wrong, we’ll work personally with you to ensure they get reprinted correctly.

  • RESA Satisfaction Promise
  • 1 year Manufacture’s Warranty
  • 90 day Money-back Gurantee

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