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Insoles You Can Count On

Create your shoe & activity profile and get a personal RESA Insole
recommendation. Choose a preferred density and customize the top cover for
a 100% custom tailored insole.

Trusted Design Methodology

Our insoles are built on decades of orthopedic and sport science research and trials. At RESA, your sports, health and anatomy are all unique considerations

100% Tailored to You

The word ”custom“ shouldn’t be taken lightly when talking about feet. We take 100% custom to heart and craft a tailored orthotic around your feet, shoes & lifestyle needs.

Guaranteed to Fit Right

The first step toward balance is a sole that fits right. If you’re not happy, tell us what’s wrong with your first pair, we’ll gladly redesign and reprint at no charge.

Great Soles Begin with Accurate Data.

A good insole is only as good as the data used to make it. That’s why at RESA we’ve opted for the local approach. Get scanned on one of our patent pending, kiosks located at select retail & medical locations nationwide.

3D Printing

Additive Manufacturing
While You Shop

The footcare industry is about to make big changes with the advancement of 3D printing. You will be the first to benefit from this newfound frontier of possibilities.

Faster Delivery

Faster Delivery.

Our soles are made locally, on-site allowing production times around 1 hour, depending on printer availability.

Variable densities

Variable densities.

3D printing offers control over where to add support or make softer areas. This is ideal to sport and medical-oriented applications.

Lightweight and breathable

Lightweight & breathable.

Soles are now made layer by layer with porous support structures. Breathe easy and say goodbye to hot and sweaty feet.

Responsibly made

Responsibly made.

3D printing eliminates material waste, labor costs while offering new design options and total control over your insoles.

Unbeateable Service

Achieve Comfort with NO-RISK

We believe in great product and even better service; built around creating amazing products that help you achieve balance in life. If you’re not happy, we’ll redesign and remake your soles at no additional cost.

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

1 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Rest assured that your feet are covered. Should you experience any functional defects in your soles, we will gladly return & replace within 1 year of purchase.

90 Day Money-back Guarantee

90 Day Money-back Guarantee

Our goal is your satisfaction and balance. In the unlikely event we cannot perfect your insoles, simply return them within 90 days for a full refund.

Made Locally

American Made Manufacturing

Experience accurate, high-quality foot care near you. Find a local RESA event
near you, capture your foot shapes and step into the future of feet.


Scan Feet

Step onto the RESA 3D gel scanner and capture accurate 360º contours of your feet.


Design Soles

Craft your custom insoles with a certified technician. Tailored to you, your shoes, and what you do.


3D Print

Build your soles while you shop with our in-store manufacturing hubs. Typically ready in abount an hour.

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Price Breakdown

We’ve created a pricing formula that is fair, allows us to treat our employees right, and build in support should you need it. The result is a honest, fair product that’s guaranteed to work.


Meet the sole that started it all. Sports and performance or comfort, you’re covered. Fits most reasonably-sized active or comfort shoes.

What's in the box:

  • (x2) 3D Printed Full-Length Insoles
  • Resa Care Guide
  • 90 Day Risk-Free Comfort Guaranteed

$199Contact us


Choose this design for low-volume shoes like dress, fashion and flats. Find comfort in hardest shoes with the RESA 3/4-length insole.

What's in the box:

  • (x2) 3D Printed 3/4 Length Insoles
  • Resa Care Guide
  • 90 Day Risk-Free Comfort Guaranteed

$199Contact us


Young, growing feet stand the most to benefit from insoles. Set your kids up for success by sup- porting proper foot alignment as they grow.

What's in the box:

  • (x2) 3D Printed Full-Length Insoles
  • Resa Care Guide
  • 90 Day Risk-Free Comfort Guaranteed

$129Contact us

Product Details


You will work together with a certified RESA specialist to create your RESA Profile. This is where we learn about your feet, understand how active you are and how you will use your soles.

The result will be a tailor-made insole recommendation created from our proven design template and fine-tuned around your feet, shoes and lifestyle.


Next we take your insole design and convert the 3D models into printable GCODE toolpaths. FDM technology allows us to fine tune layers, infill densities (the patterns inside) and machine settings to create the thickness and overall durability of your soles.

Now your soles are ready to be 3D printed.


Your order are queued at one of our local RESA kiosks or at our HQ production facility and 3D-printed in the order it was recieved.

Once the printing has started, your order will take anywhere from 50 minutes to 1 hour 15 minutes to finish.


Once finished printing, your soles are moved from the printer to our gluing station. Top covers are added and bonded then transitioned to our integrated laser cutter. This ensures an even cut around the insole and provides the upmost quality to you.


Now the ball is in your court. Try you insoles for 10-14 days. It’s common to experience slight discomfort while your feet are adjusting. If you still experiece discomfort after the trial period, please log in to your RESA Account and file a support request.

After redesigning, your soles will be reprinted and sent to you for further feedback.


Our insoles are made up of high-quality flexible filament specifically formulated for orthopedics. Enjoy comfort and shock-absorption properties without sacrificing support.

RESA insoles are glued using safe, environmentally conscious and durable aerosol adhesive.

All insoles are treated with our proprietary silver nano-particulate that has been scientifically proven to eliminate bacteria inside of the shoe.


All customers at RESA can choose between two types of top-covers:

HOLE-PUNCHED EVA is our recommended cover. It offers optimal comfort and breathability. Moisture wicking properties help keep the feet cool and dry. The 3mm foam cover has a grid of holes across the entire insole to help further with breathability and comfort.

ALCANTARA SUEDE is our soft, thin and breathable fabric that offers customers more feeling and control inside your shoes. Alcantara is recommended for general and active wear, and when shoe-volume is a critical factor (i.e. saving space in the shoe).

RESA Wearables are comfort orthotics, not medical devices. They are not intented to treat any medical conditions.

Shoud you have a serious medical condition and wish to try our products, we suggets consulting a medical professional prior to using our soles.

If you experience severe discomfort when waring your RESA insoles, we suggest taking them out immediately and contacting support to make an adjustment.



  • How do I buy?

    Simply visit a RESA kiosk, talk with one of our representatives and get scanned. You can print your pair of custom insoles while you shop or have them shipped to your doorstep.

    Once your foot shapes are in our system, you can order from any nearby kiosk or contact us to speak to someone personally.

  • What shoes do your insoles fit into?

    Our insoles are printed not only to match the contours of your feet but also your shoes. Our current models fit a wide variety of shoes, including sneakers, flats, loafers, boots, cleats and cycling footwear. We are currently working on designs that will fit high heels, sandals and other specialized footwear.

    Contact us today with any questions or concerns about your specific footwear.

  • Will RESA insoles fit in all my shoes?

    Most shoes in your closet are close to the same size. Our soles will likely fit most shoes. That said, every shoe is different. Shoes have different volumes, heel cups, and toe shapes. Our rule of thumb is design your first sole around the shoe-type you wear most and go from there.

    For example, Jane the fashionista wears flats every day except for when she’s working out in her sneakers. We would recommend her first pair of insoles be designed for her flats, as they will likely fit her other shoes. A second pair to better fit her sneakers can be designed if needed.

  • Will my insurance company cover the cost?

    We accept HSA payments. Authorization is usually at the discretion of each provider. There’s no harm in trying. We don’t yet offer medically-corrective orthotics, so insurance companies do not offer full reimbursement at this time. But we’re working on it!

  • How much do RESA insoles cost?

    Resa Wearable insoles retail for $199.00 online. With 3D printing, smaller soles offer reduced production times. Therefore kids sizes are only $129.00. If you’ve been scanned, sign into your account to try a pair, risk-free.

  • How long will my insoles last?

    RESA insoles are made from high-quality polymers that are built to outlast the shoe itself. Obviously the more you wear them, the more wear they'll wear out. We gladly ship every pair of insoles with a 90-day money back guarantee and a one year quality warranty.